6 September 2021 – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Australia’s Bionic Eye advances due to US partnership

Bionic Vision Technologies (BVT) has formed a strategic partnership with leading US MedTech company, Cirtec Medical.

Under the partnership, Cirtec has taken a strategic stake in BVT and will assist the Australian compa-ny to develop and manufacture its next generation bionic eye.

BVT has created the world’s first suprachoroidal retinal implant to restore functional vision to the blind. The BVT team includes several experts who worked on the renowned Cochlear implants and several cardiac implantable devices. BVT partners with leading Australian research institutions includ-ing CSIRO, the Bionics Institute, and the Centre for Eye Research Australia.

“We highly value this partnership with Cirtec Medical, in order to take the 3rd generation bionic eye to everyone who needs it around the world,” CEO of BVT, Ash Attia, says.

For more than three decades, Cirtec Medical has been a leading provider of implantable medical device development and manufacturing services. The company has a long history of working with the world’s most innovative startups, creating breakthrough medical devices.

“Cirtec is excited to support BVT in the development and eventual commercialisation of this life -changing technology, and we look forward to continuing our long-term partnership” Brian Highley, CEO of Cirtec Medical, says.
A recent two-year study shows the BVT Bionic Eye System is safe, improving vision and wellbeing for people with near-total blindness.
The System consists of a tiny camera, mounted on a pair of glasses, which send electrical signals to a wearable processor – similar to Cochlear’s Bionic Ear. The processor transmits to an implant behind the retina, delivering visual information to the blind person, encouraging more independence, social interactions, and awareness of their environment.
BVT is planning a global pivotal study in 2022. The aim is to create an affordable implant for millions of people who suffer from a genetic condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) that robs them of their sight. The late-Stage RP market is estimated at US$3.5Bn+.

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