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About Bionic Vision Technologies

Bionic Vision Technologies (BVT) is a privately held Australian company that develops visual prostheses to restore vision to the blind. The devices operate by electrically stimulating the remaining retinal cells in patients with retinal degeneration.

The BVT product pipeline consists of two generations of devices which aim to increase mobility and independence of patients and give increasing visual acuity. BVT has distinct and unique advantages over other devices which it believes will lead to much safer and more effective prostheses:

1)   Novel surgical technique providing greater safety and stability of BVT devices

2)   World leading, pioneering vision processing software

3)   World leading psychophysics laboratory for assessing functionality of the devices

4)   Unprecedented expertise and proven track record in preclinical studies

BVT aims to be the world leader in the development and production of suprachoroidal positioned retinal prosthesis for restoring vision to the blind.

BVT products are based on intellectual property that was generated by Bionic Vision Australia.