About Bionic Vision Technologies

Bionic Vision Technologies has developed the BVT Bionic Eye System, the world’s first suprachoroidal visual implant, to restore functional vision to the blind suffering from inherited retinal diseases.
The Company has recently completed initial human testing in seven patients demonstrating safety and efficacy with positive outcomes in patient mobility and device stability/durability.
We intend to initiate a worldwide clinical trial in key markets, including Australia, USA and Europe, with commercialization anticipated soon after.


The BVT Advantage: Bionic Eye implant is placed behind the retina in the suprachoroidal space

  • Avoids damage to an already compromised retina
  • Implant does not block or damage remaining vision
  • Surgery can be performed by a retinal specialist as an out-patient procedure
  • Advanced software and hardware components can be easily updated
  • Does not preclude patients from participating in gene therapy studies
Anatomical illustration showing the location of the suprachoroidal electrode in the eye