2 Dec 2022 – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Australia’s ABC present 7:30 Report Story on the Bionic Eye

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)’s Nadia Daly presents an amazing story on the 7:30 Report of two individuals who have adapted to using bionic technology to get the most out of life. Watch as Bionic Eye recipient Scott Nixon shares how the Bionic Eye has helped improve his everyday life, and Bionic Vision Technologies CEO Dr Ash Attia explains how the system works.

Watch online here or you can read more information here

Delivering life-changing technology like this takes years and requires an incredible team behind it. Bionic Vision Technologies is proud to be partnering with Centre for Eye Research Australia (CERA), CSIRO’s Data61, Bionics Institute, University of Melbourne, Tricycle Developments, and Tekt Industries on the development and commercialisation to bring this technology to thousands of people who could benefit.