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For Investors

Bionic Vision Technologies is currently progressing its two products through clinical trials and into the market.

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The market

The immediate addressable market for the BVT bionic eye includes subjects with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) who have no remaining vision, or have residual vision which is far worse than 20/200 (legal blindness). RP is a genetically linked disease and is the major cause of inherited blindness, affecting 1:4000 people in the Western world and as many as 1:400 in Southern India and parts of China.1 The disease is characterised by the progressive loss of photoreceptor cells and peripheral vision and is associated with night-vision difficulties.


RP can present at any age from childhood to the mid-50s but is most usually diagnosed in early adulthood. There is no known effective treatment for RP. For those affected, a bionic eye offers significant hope.

The financial cost of profound vision loss has been estimated at upwards of $2.5 billion annually in Australia alone.2

BVT capabilities which differentiate us from competitors include:

1)Novel surgical technique providing greater safety
and stability of devices

2)World leading, pioneering vision processing software


Intellectual Property

The intellectual property portfolio consists of seven granted patents, 45 patent applications and four provisional patents. Bionic Vision Technologies Pty Ltd, holds licences to all the patents.

1Clear Focus – The Economic Impact of Vision Loss in Australia in 2009. Access Economics
2World Health Organisation

To discover more feel free to contact us: